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Une cuisine gourmande, inventive et actuelle. Chaque matin, elle confectionne pour vous un petit océan de douceurs: Each morning, she creates an array of sweet delights: She concocts a buffet of special breads, cereals, fruits, fresh juices, Lenôtre pastries, charcuteries, cheeses, bacon and scrabbled eggs. Every evening, a host of original flavours and tastes are served for those wishing room service: Sur votre demande, Christine imagine pour vous différents cocktails sans alcool ultra-frais pour un moment green et détox.

À la carte des vins, de très beaux vignobles et surtout des trésors insulaires parmi les appellations de Patrimonio, Sartène ou Porto-Vecchio. Always attentive to your wishes, the head barmaid Christine Thuel and her staff propose the best vintages among the many rare champagnes, rums, whiskies, vodkas, liqueurs that feature on the menu, and express their imagination in the cocktails they concoct every season. On request, Christine will create different ultra-fresh nonalcoholic cocktails just for you, for a healthy, detox moment.

Taste an energy elixir with pineapple, apples, citrus fruit or pears, for a shot of super-vitamined well-being! A delectable instant of comfort and delight. Réservez votre soin en cabine parmi les multiples massages signatures des jambes, dos, réflexologie plantaire, visage ou corps à base d'huiles essentielles corses de la marque Realia. Reserve your treatment among the vast range of signature massages for legs, back, foot reflexology, face and body treatments based on Corsican essential oils by Realia. This very delicate treatment leaves your skin soft and fresh.

Toutes les maisons en lauze se grappent autour de sa magnifique église du XIVe siècle, dont le clocher à la pointe blanche et les murs roses sont inscrits aux Monuments historiques. Fait rare sur une île qui a bardé ses côtes de tours uniquement génoises lors de sa domination de à Le patrimoine se déniche aussi vers la mer: All the lauze houses huddle together around the magnificent 14th century church, whose white pointed bell-tower and pink walls are classified as a Historic Monument.

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A rarity for the island which generally protected its coastline with Genoese towers while they ruled from to At the end of Roman times, the legend goes that the martyr had her breasts cut off and thrown against a rock from which gushed a miraculous spring. Other monuments are to be found towards the sea: The entire coastline consists of an immense and mysterious beach of sand and black pebbles, created from the waste of the abandoned asbestos quarry. Pour y accéder, empruntez le Sentier des douaniers - une escapade sportive parmi les chênes verts, les arbousiers et lentisques - ou prenez la D 80 qui fait le tour du Cap entre Saint-Florent et Bastia.


Les tours génoises ponctuent le parcours et les vues sur la mer sont sublimes. Ce moulin est un remarquable belvédère sur la pointe du Cap. Puis les sommets du nord de la chaîne centrale Monte Padro, Monte Cinto , et le littoral balanin. Le vent y souffle souvent très fort!

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Les hameaux de la commune de Centuri ont chacun leur charme Avec ses maisons aux toits de lauzes et ses rues pavées, la marine de Centuri date, elle, du Second Empire, la flotte britannique ayant brûlé le port en The small fishing harbour of Centuri is stunning and is the leading French harbour for lobster fishing. To get there, take the Sentier des Douaniers - a challenging walk among ilex, strawberry tress and lentisk - or take the D80 which goes round the Cap between Saint-Florent and Bastia.

Genoese towers and sublime sea views will stun you along the route. Make sure you stop on the Serra Pass, which separates Ersa and Centuri, and climb up along the short track to the Mattéi mill. This mill, affords a remarkable view over the extreme tip of the Cap. And further away, the northern peaks of the central chain of mountains Monte Padro, Monte Cinto , and the Balagne coastline. Here, the wind blows with all its might! Each of the hamlets of the Centuri commune has its own charm In Merlacce, the Franceschi family has transformed the former quadrangular Preziosi tower into a castle.

With its lauze roofs and paved streets, the Centuri marina dates back to the Second Empire, rebuilt after the British had set fire to the harbour in Today, it is a haven of peace: L'émigration des insulaires est partie en direction de l'Italie avant de se rattacher au contexte migratoire du Mezzogiorno de l'Europe du Sud.

Du XIXe au XXe siècle, plus de corses sont partis, sans que l'attachement viscéral à l'île ne disparaisse.

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À partir du XXe siècle, ce sont les Maghrébins et les Portugais qui deviennent les premières communautés étrangères dans l'île. From the wonderfully beautiful and tranquil gardens, the panorama is breathtaking: How does the Corsican identity evolve in relation to Others as a result of migration?

Emigrants firstly chose to settle in Italy before later being included in those leaving the southern tip of Europe, Mezzogiorno. Between and , over 6, Corsicans left the island each year. In the 19th to 20th centuries, over , Corsicans left the island although their deep-rooted attachment to it remained. On the other hand from the Middle Ages to today, the island has been a land of refuge for Italians. As of the 20th century, North Africans and Portuguese have become the principal foreign communities on the island.

From 7 July to 22 December. Les rouges sont somptueux et puissants, grâce au Niellucciu qui crée des vins complexes et de grande garde. Les rosés, parmi les meilleurs de Corse, délivrent des notes très fruitées. Les blancs, vinifiés à partir du Vermentino, sont secs, subtils et élégants. Out of the 6, hectares of vineyards on the island, the majority is planted with old varieties such as Niellucciu - emblematic of the Patrimonio region -, Vermentinu, Sciaccarellu, Bianco Gentile, Minustellu and Muresconu, all of which have a strong character.

In the south and east of the island, the large wine estates produce delicate wines. These wines are the most reputed and were the first to receive the AOC label in This terroir is blessed by many natural advantages… Protected from the winds by the mountains, the vineyards receive a maximum amount of sun and benefit equally from the limestone soil.

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The reds are of great elegance and depth, thanks to the Niellucciu grape which produces complex wines of excellent cellaring potential. The rosés, among the best in Corsica, have very fruity notes. The whites, made from Vermentino, are dry, delicate and elegant. An ideal setting opposite the harbour serving a typical cuisine of locally caught wild fish and a fantastic wine list, the best on all the island. An absolute must! Son trésor est récolté parmi les 3 terroirs de Pietracorbara, Santa Severa, et Meria: At its head since , Lina Venturi inherited the Domaine from her father Gjuvan Pieretti, a renowned figure in the world of Corsican wine, since his family created the vineyard in the 16th century.

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Today, she is writing a new chapter thanks to the unique terroir of the estate, composed of clay and schist and influences of the sea and maquis. Over the years, the vineyard has increased to 14 hectares. Lina has a solid oenological background but, above all, a determination and passion to perpetuate tradition. She produces whites, rosés, reds and Muscats of delicate mineral tones, produced using reasonable agricultural methods and thanks to exceptional climatic conditions: The whites, produced from the Vermentino variety are dry and crisp.

She has just opened a very welcoming new store in Santa Severa where she awaits your visit for you to taste her best cuvées. Dans le domaine de l'agriculture ou dans celui de l'artisanat, ils ont choisi de perpétuer et de valoriser de précieux savoir-faire en privilégiant l'authenticité, la qualité des productions, le respect de la terre et de la saisonnalité des produits. Pour aller à leur rencontre, consultez le site www.

Corsica, which numbers over 2, agricultural holdings, has 17 labels in wine, brocciu, honey, olive oil, chestnut flour, charcuterie, mandarines, hazelnuts, pomelo. In agriculture and crafts, they have chosen to perpetuate and highlight the ancestral savoir-faire, favouring authenticity, quality production, respect for the land and seasonality of produce. To have the opportunity to encounter them, go on the site www. They will be delighted to welcome you and show you their farms, workshops, farm-inns.

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Taste the best products, visit the orchards and vegetable gardens, share exceptional moments with artisans working with clay, wood or metal, admire their ironwork, knives, furniture, pottery, glass, lutherie, jewellery, basket weaving, book covering, toys and decorative objects. Discover the true soul of Corsica!

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The show features performers, dancers, musicians, crossbowmen, troubadours… in period dress to reenact the Changing of the Governors. The newly instated governor crosses the town with his company, flying banners to the sound of cannon fire. The show ends with the setting alight of the Citadel ramparts. On 21 July in Bastia. After a day preparation course, the performances are staged in numerous workshops open to the public and include drama, dance, circus, writing and Corsican singing. From 15 July to 11 August. Week open to the public, 4 to 11 August. The programme features a competition between seven new feature films, a prize for Corsican films, a contest between films made by Mediterranean film schools as well as a literary prize.

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Also included are exhibitions, concerts, debates, Corsican gourmet specialities… an event not to be missed! Originally focusing on Latino music, today the festival proposes a more eclectic programme of pop-rock and electro in an ultra-festive atmosphere. Full information o www. Tentation Chocolat!

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Music lovers will be delighted this summer by the remarkable duo formed by the pianist David Kadouch and the cellist Edgar Moreau, the Russian piano virtuoso Miroslav Kultyshev, a Beethoven recital, SaintSaëns, Chopin and Rachmaninov by the very gifted Alexandre Kantorow. From 31 July to 6 August.